Flytonn Japanese Nails Set Press On Professional Decoration Nail Art Manicuree Wearable Artificial False Nails With Designed

Color :
Z466XS with Tool Kit
Z466 S with Tool Kit
Z466 M with Tool Kit
Z466 L with Tool Kit
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Pure Hand-Made Manicure, it's made exactly like a real nail, One pair is 10 Pieces.
Each Pair of Nails is Handmade in 7 Steps:
1.Sanding of Nails
3.Base Coat
4.Color Nail Gel
5.Accessories Gel
6.Reinforcement Gel
7.Top Coat




Package List: 1*jelly gel sticker sheet+1*mini nail file+1* wooden stick+1* cleaning paper
Notes:Do not touch the water for 2 hours after wearing to keep the jelly gel sticky

Generally select XS size for small nails,

Most of Fairies choose S size,

Finger slightly larger or nail bed flat fairies choose M size

L size for large nails.

If you want a standard point, please measure it according to the method we provide.

Size should not be small, for example: the measurement is 12.5mm then choose 13mm

How to use the jelly gel sticker

1.Lightly polish with a nail file to remove grease

2.Clean the nails with alcohol pads

3.Selection of suitable jelly gel

4.Selection of suitable nails

5.With numbers outward, root fit downward press for 10 seconds until firm

6.Sanding edge


Remove the Nails

1.Use a small stick to gently pry the crevice on the side of the nail

2.Gently pry several times until the nail piece comes off

3.Force forced removal directly, will be more damage to the nail surface

It is recommended to soak the jelly in hot water for a while before removal and then remove it.
If the viscosity is strong, apply some soap along the edge and then tilt it up with a stick



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